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  • Residential Claims


Residential Claims

We specialize in the following residential property damage claims:

Fire Damage • Water Damage (Plumbing/ Pipe Break Damage) • Mold Damage • Windstorm • Hurricane/Natural Disaster • Explosion • Collapse • Vandalism or Theft

Damage to your home can be a devastating blow, in more ways than one. Most of us feel emotionally attached to our home and possessions, which can make it hard to be objective and clear thinking.

In a Residential loss, let us help you:

  • Assess all damages to your home with a specialized appraiser
  • Compile a structured inventory of your personal property/contents (all your personal belongings in your home such as clothing, furniture, etc)
  • Prepare loss of rent claims if your property is tenant occupied
  • Photograph/video tape your whole property
  • Assess all damages to other structures on your property
  • Compile additional living expenses. This is the portion of your claim that covers you if your house is determined to be unlivable; the insurance company will pay for a temporary rental equivalent to your home, plus any other additional costs that you may incur due to this inconvenience. We use a network of multiple real estate listing services to find you a home fast.
  • Have a fire restoration dry cleaner come and remove all salvageable clothing, examine the contents at their facility that are not a total loss, then clean them in their ozone chamber, which will remove any smoke scent. This is paid under the Contents portion of your claim. The clothing that is beyond cleaning is declared a total loss under your Contents Policy.
  • Restoration Company: these are licensed bonded and insured remediation companies that extract wet building debris that may eventually cause mold, thus mitigating any further damage to your structure. They will also clean and pack out any of your salvageable content items and store for your convenience.
  • Manage the claim from the beginning until we settle your claim to your satisfaction
  • Residential homeowners need an expert to help them with their insurance claim
  • Residential Public Adjusters routinely secure settlements from insurance companies that are double, triple and more, over the original offer. It's because of experience and knowledge we bring to the table, the leveled playing field we create when dealing with the insurance company, and because we have your interests in mind (not those of shareholders of a large corporation)
  • Residential homeowners require an expert to help with their insurance claim.
  • Residential Public Adjusters routinely secure settlements from insurance companies that are double, triple and above the original offer. Our experience and knowledge levels the playing field when dealing with the insurance company. Understand that we have your best interests in mind, rather than those of shareholders of a large corporation.
 Fire Damage  - Public Adjusters NY
Fire Damage

A fire loss can result in significant damages because of the unique behavior of smoke.

 Water Damage - Public Adjusters NY
Water Damage

We can quickly as possible in order to reduce or eliminate structural damage or mold growth.

 Wind Damage - Public Adjusters NY
Wind Damage

Public Adjusters NY handles all types of property vandalism claims.

 Vandalism/Burglary  - Public Adjusters NY

The key to minimizing the damage caused by a sewage backup is to act quickly.

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